Vitos 1925 is a maison with savoir-faire and passion for the art of knitting.

Our collections explore the strength of simplistic shapes that speak to discretion and are based on uncompromising quality. Cozy knitwear made in France and in Italy.

A French knitwear maison

Est. 1925

Leon Vitoux created his first factory in Troyes, the birthplace of hosiery, starting the production of stockings before diversifying 2 decades later to knitwear. The brand Vitos was officially registered in 1925. 

Industrial innovation


Nylon was invented and Vitos was one of the 4 pilot factories that perfected the art of nylon knitting in France, before creating its own blended yarn 'Crylor', a mix of natural yarns and synthetic.

The first fully-fashioned sweaters

Thanks to its machines and knitwear know-how, Vitos created in 1956 fully-fashioned sweaters that quickly became the brand's flagship product.

tribute to colors

the emancipation of women

Women's bodies found freedom and it was time for new things: shapes and tangy colors. Vitos celebrated its one millionth sweater in 1963 by dressing the Bluebell girls with 25 different colors.


the rise of ready-to-wear

A new decade marked by the comeback of the famous twin set launched in the 1930s that suited perfectly either house wives or working women. 

Vitos dresses a woman's day

Women were more active, free and urban. Wide open crew-necks and plunge V-necks were must have knitwear in a woman's wardrobe. 


quality never lies

Despite the production shutdown, Vitos linking machines used for fully-fashioned knitwear still run in most of factories in France. No planned obsolescence!

Vitos gets its colour back

Rekindled in 2018 by the 5th generation of the family, Valerie's ambition is to (re)create quality and timeless knitwear that runs counter to fast fashion.


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